Feasibility Check of Electrification in Metrobus Line

Turgay Gucukoglu, Haluk Sarı, Koray Erhan


Today, climate change is a significant effect on population growth, especially in big cities. Transport in metropolitan cities is the most important reason for climate change with the contribution of CO2 pollution that threatens human health and the environment. Electrified transport systems can, therefore, provide a suitable solution to air pollution and health problems. This study investigates the feasibility of applying electric buses to the Metrobus line in Istanbul. Initially, Metrobus line data regarding the number of vehicles, number of stops, route length is gathered from the official Istanbul transportation system to define how much energy is needed for the routes. Then, it is analyzed how to re-charge proposed batteries for the allocation of chargers on the stations where it is applicable. It is observed that the electrification of each line is not possible.


Electric Bus, Metrobus, Electrification analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22149/teee.v4i1.137


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